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time strange

short format video/ soundscape

time strange is an oracle game that presents you a sensation based on the timing of various factors. in its original design, the game was created for active gameplay that gave you a sensation to hold onto and carry through times between playing as a result of collecting custom playing pieces correlating with each answer. the transition to a conceptual game was informed by the overwhelming amount of possibility brought on by the guiding questions... 324,632 to be exact. this further emphasizes the limitlessness of what states time can gift us.  time strange hopes welcomes reflections/ pondering about ways we move through time and memory and is presented the board and single channel video as a collective piece. 

the sound design is a manipulation of a pre-existing a reactionary instrumental improvisation devised from a collection of voices speaking the phrase, “only time will tell” which was supplemented by recordings of instruments housed at the Anarchestra, a providence based collection of instruments created by music theorist Andy Thurlow.

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