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soundscape/multi channel projection installation loop

I killed time  plays with repetition and difference, liminality and associative relationship under the umbrella of time. 

The layered projections and some overlays on the television feature non-invasive monitoring techniques emphasizing how time moved through me while exposed to different stimuli. The overarching motif of eyes throughout the piece acts as a call to the looming nature of time informing and dictating our bodies, as well as highlighting my black femme oppositional gaze. 


The content featured on the television is a compilation of media I was drawn to more so for the duration. This was born out of thoughts about ‘killing time’, and in moments and places traditionally reserved for rest, we have the capability to consume an over-saturation of media.


The sound design is a reactionary instrumental improvisation devised from a collection of voices speaking the phrase, “only time will tell” which was supplemented by recordings of instruments housed at the Anarchestra, a providence based collection of instruments created by music theorist Andy Thurlow.

voice work: 


aaliyah ashley, ade omotosho, alyssa vieau, aya abdallah, bret o brien, cleo perez, daniel sohn, davine byon, dayna thibodeau, edmee faal, em lawrence , fabiola lizardi clemente, helen driesen, jill reitzel, joe edwards, julia ford, kamari smalls, kendall clayton, kira pyne, kolton cotton, lourdes del mar, madison mora, niyafa boucher, qixin zhang, rose flaherty, ryann ashley, shane tucker, sophia nelson

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