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belated avowal

                                  Three people, close in relation, sit in a room.

Belated Avowal follows One, Two, and Three as they navigate One’s struggles with keeping time. Elements of live music and projection work alongside a surrealist text to emphasize deviations/distortions in standard timekeeping while centralizing biological timekeeping and relationships. This piece plays with repetition and the passage of time sonically, visually, and gesturally. The cast will be calling sound and media cues on stage. The first iteration of Belated Avowal debuted at the As220 Black Box Theatre in Providence, RI on November 3, 2023.

Director: Cat Ashley 
One: Cat Ashley 
Two: Daniel Sohn
Three: Sophia Nelson 
Time: Vyette Tiya 
Projection Design: Cat Ashley 
Sound Design: Daniel Sohn, Cat Ashley
Graphic Design: Yangqi Deng

Associate Scenic Design: Prithi Khalique 
Audio Engineer: Daniel Sohn
Media Engineer:
 Cat Ashley

belated avowalcat ashley
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Directors Note: I’ve spent stretches of time asking the people, texts, and experiments around me to define time in a way that I can understand, and stand with. I’ve yet to fall into a rapport with mechanical time that feels stable, but I am infatuated with the possibilities that come from centralizing biological timekeeping over standard metrics of timekeeping. Society has come to prioritize man-made constructs, but this biotic neglect leads to disrupting the organic pacing we once relied on. In our agreement to abide by these guiding forces, we isolate and further ignore the beauty in time’s wavering and distortion, and inherently cyclical nature. 

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